Wednesday, May 20, 2009


wow , long time nv been here ...hahaha is been years since my last blog posted huh ... tons of events occured in my life for these few years n make a huge changes about me... well, life still nid to goes on ... n i m quite satisfied with my current lifestyle .

1st of all i would like to say thank you for everyone that keep supporting me all this hard time i had , i really appreaciate it and wont forget about it for the rest of my life... after all these while , i realised that i had a bunch of real good friend ..really thank you~

Janice mommy : thanks you for your caring , i think now u r giving or gived birth to your second baby ... hope everything will go smooth for ya ...

Moon : Bila balik to malaysia? really long time no see d...already move to new house in aus? when can i go to visit ya? hahahaha ... just for ur info , next year march , i will be in new zealand ... duty calls.... let me know how r u recently k ?

ah nell ( brother ) : hahahaha see u got check on my blog nowadays bo ? hahahaha i heard tat u found a very nice guy d wo.... gambate neh ....

lok hui : woi~ u owe me 3 present.. bila give me? hahahahaha

n a lot more friends to go ... hahaha ... well i should tell a bit of my current life.

Currently i m working in penang . So if anyone of u in penang wanna find me yum cha , just text me k ? i m so so so so so free while in penang. and every sunday i will be back in kl . to see the love one of mine. I met my love one in lang tengah island while during that time , i m very down , i plan to go there to work for 1 month with my buddy jonanthan to relax myself . b4 we work there , both of us r single , once we finished work there , we both attached.... hahahaha ... and about my love one , Stephy , she is the nicest gal i met in my life . She is caring , independant , helpful , easy going yet stubborn ppl. i m glad tat i have her with me nowadays eventhough she is in kl n i m in penang , but tat will nv affect our relationship . i hope this will go smooth n will be the last relationship for me . is a very tiring thing that jump from a broken relationship to another relationship .

And i met a bunch of new colleagues and friends and band mate.. some of them r nice yet some of them r .....errr well u know , hahaha ..i leave it to ur imagination . hahaha. well is quite late now , i will tell more about my currenly life other time , btw , thanks once again for all the friend who cared about me all this time~ I M BACK~~~~